Salesforce Data Governance Issues
Are Now a Thing of the Past

ArchiveIt is the flagship product of Workbox Inc. The marketing and managed services of the product are handled by Solunus, Inc.

Are you looking for the perfect solution to end your Salesforce data governance challenges? Do you feel Salesforce data management is consuming the lion’s share of your organization’s IT budget? Would you like to have timely, consistent and accurate CRM data that enables you to launch highly-targeted marketing campaigns? Do you wish to ensure 100% compliance to your company’s data policies and regulatory norms at the click of a button? Here's ArchiveIt, the perfect solution to your needs

Manage your Salesforce data with just a few clicks, without burning a hole in your pocket.

ArchiveIt - The Salesforce Data Governance Partner

Harness the immense potential of the user-friendly, state-of-the-art Salesforce data handling solution to secure the highest return on your data governance investment.

Create a Robust Data Governance Framework

ArchiveIt helps you come up with a well-defined data model by helping ensure only useful data

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Store and Retrieve Data with Minimal Expenditure

You can use ArchiveIt to store and retrieve data with little effort because the tool

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Track and Audit Data Easily

Audit your Salesforce data seamlessly using ArchiveIt; the data governance powerhouse

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Get High Data Quality with Minimal Effort

ArchiveIt helps ensure Salesforce databases are populated with data of high quality by empowering

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Set Up and Test Sandbox Data Seamlessly

It is easy to test sandbox data with ArchiveIt. The data governance application allows users

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Ensure 100% Compliance to Regulatory Standards

ArchiveIt enables Salesforce users to ensure absolute compliance to the norms prescribed

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Key Benefits of ArchiveIt

No programming skills needed; you need not write a line of code to use ArchiveIt

Data storage costs are reduced by 90% due to process-oriented archival of data

Data handling time is reduced by 70% as the data governance process is automated

Data can be migrated from one org to another in a very safe and secure manner

Seamless integration with Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Einstein Analytics

High scale apps created outside the Salesforce ecosystem can be integrated natively

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