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Buyer Consortium Case Study

Project Description

  • Industry:
  • Service:
    Buyer Consortium
  • Location:
    North America

Purchasing Consortium + SF customization = Reduced sourcing and negotiation costs

Client Challenges

Coordinate with suppliers/manufacturers to streamline the procurement process of the buyer consortium:

  • The Complex decision-making process to award the right manufacturer(s) due to lack of bid-history
  • Analytics and forecast deprived fulfilment to evaluate and easily maintain the processes of the suppliers/manufacturers.
  • Participation of multiple stakeholders with differing authorizations
  • Bidding and procurement process was cumbersome and unstructured due to the client’s legacy system

‘Procuring pharmaceuticals from numerous manufacturers and meeting the demand of 1200 outlets can be a strenuous task. Things were not moving quickly with our client’s custom home-grown legacy system. By staying focused on the requirements of multiple consortium partners, we were able to collaborate with our client to support their procurement process and manage their suppliers more efficiently.’

Sudhakar Pennam, Founder & CEO, Solunus Inc.


Implemented a customized and declarative Salesforce Sales Cloud, along with customer and partner communities, to help the client:

  • Implement an auditable log of bids, a selected group of primary suppliers, and record each supplier’s performance
  • Completely replace the legacy system
  • Streamline a vast proliferation of suppliers, SKUs and price books, and deploy a more unified central repository

Business Impact

A flexible procurement process for the purchasing consortium

  • Buying members can make better-informed decisions due to the availability of historical supplier performance.
  • Complete visibility of order fulfilment in the form of charts, graphs, or tables, to all stakeholders of the consortium.
  • Role-based authorization to bid organizer, member organizations, and suppliers for the bidding process.
  • Saved money and time in completing the bidding cycle with real-time data

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