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About This Project

The client is an industry expert who installs thousands of billboard throughout the Midwest specializing in interstate and primary highway locations, and sought-after boards offer high traffic counts and excellent visibility. The client has been offering their services, since 1993 and sustained the market with their incredible advertising model to their customers.

Client Challenges

The client approached Solunus to help transform the way they use Salesforce CRM by integrating it with an external system – a cloud-based file storage system – where they planned to store all documents related to their business. The client wanted Box’s folders, sub-folders, and collaborators to replicate Salesforce CRM objects and profiles.

Solunus Solution

Solunus’ team of Architect & Integration Specialists with deep expertise in Box API integration implemented a custom solution that helped the client’s vision become reality.

Our implementation included;

  1. Automated the folder creation in through the custom code leveraging Box Rest API.
    Upon the creation of an Account record, an Account folder is created on Box using Account Name as the folder name under an Account root folder.
  2. Upon the creation of an Opportunity record, an Opportunity root folder is created on Box with a subfolder with Opportunity Name as the folder name and many sub-folders nested inside the particular Opportunity’s folder. And the same folder creation automation repeat whenever there is a new opportunity created in Salesforce.
  3. Whenever the Account or Opportunity record name is changed, the folder name on Box is changed/renamed as well.
  4. Nested folders – Artwork, Contracts, Fact Sheets, Invoices, Proof of Performance Photos, and Proposals – will be created automatically under each opportunity folder upon the creation of an Opportunity in Salesforce.
  5. The folder’s visibility and collaboration are assigned the record owner through BOX API method when the folder was created.
  6. Sales Reps can upload the document using Box Widget within Salesforce and Sales Ops on the field can take pictures and upload them into Box-folder via Box Capture.
  7. Since the client has never used Box before, this project required the creation of more than 15,000 folders for Accounts and Opportunities in order to migrate all the existing files into them.

Business Impact

With our implementation, the client was able to achieve the following results.

  1. Salesforce integration with removed the pain point of switching between two systems in order to create folders & upload the files since folders and files are visible and accessible through box widget of the account and opportunity records in Salesforce CRM.
  2. Since content collaboration is the heart and soul of the client’s business, our implementation has simplified and automated their business processes. As a result, the implementation has changed and improved the way their Sales Team and Sales Ops Team work entirely.
  3. The automation helped the client to be able to keep all of their folders and files on Box organized maintaining the naming convention and avoid duplication of folders.

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