Case Studies

Salesforce Implementation and Integration for a Software Solutions Company

Project Description

  • Industry:
    Information Technology (Software Solutions)
  • Service:
    Data Migration & CPQ Configuration
  • Location:
    Texas, USA

Data Migration and CPQ Configuration

Client Challenges

  • The recent acquisition by our client has led to application integration challenges which in turn is impacting their sales and service performance.
  • The newly acquired business is currently leveraging Optimizer as their back-office application, which records their Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunity information only.
  • The acquired business has processes that capture relevant data in excel.
  • Only qualified Opportunities are captured in the Optimizer, which limits them to reach out to their prospects.
  • The acquired business has processes that are not currently aligned with the client’s current business processes as a result of which the client is unable to visualize the 360-degree view of the acquired business’ customers.


  • As a Salesforce partner, Solunus planned a migration strategy to transition key data/information of acquired business into clients Salesforce Org.
  • Identified the best fit for the current CRM legacy application data into Salesforce Standard CRM.
  • Configured their Configure Price Quotation Solution.

Business Impact

With the help of Solunus, the client is now able to access the data of newly acquired business from a single Salesforce org.

  • Key data from the acquired business will be available in the client’s Salesforce Org.
  • Better visualization of key reports & dashboards.
  • Acquired business users will be able to utilize deployed solutions and related data within the client’s Salesforce Instance.
  • CPQ configuration for US & Australia regions.
  • Accessing the data history of the newly acquired businesses.
  • All the acquired business users (both US and Australia) are now following the client’s Global process of both Sales and Service Modules.
  • Cleansed data and performed data deduplication to help the Sales and Service rep to manage their customer interaction effectively.
  • Eliminated the dependency on legacy applications.

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