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Solunus Managed Services – Multinational Air Conditioning Manufacturer

Project Description

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    Solunus Managed Services
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    North America

Solunus Managed Services for creating single customer truth and improved sales

Client Challenges

Inconsistent and duplicate customer data in Salesforce Sales Cloud complicated matters in the sales processes.

Our client, a multinational air conditioning manufacturing company, established in 1924, has a vast customer base across various countries. It uses Salesforce as its system of record to track the relationship with its customers. And owing to the nature of our client’s business, the data in Salesforce is very dynamic, changing frequently, and with a steady flow of new data. 

The only challenge was that the database had a lot of duplicates, misspellings, and incomplete records. Our client couldn’t find value investing heavily in a CRM system that provides useless data. This incomplete data created problems for salespeople wasting their time as they call unqualified leads. It misled sales team members to run ineffective campaigns, thus making it impossible to view the sales pipeline accurately. Hence, our client was looking for a proper Salesforce data cleansing process to leverage the Salesforce data to run its business operations effectively. 


Analyzed the client’s existing Salesforce database including contacts data and the business processes and identified the problems.

Due to the client’s large volume of unclean data, Solunus assigned experienced full-time equivalents to work on this project. The team was trained on the client’s specific requirements to ensure the project was completed on time and with accuracy.

  • Created required data input fields for sales data to get rid of incomplete records.
  • Built a regular data cleansing schedule in the system to consistently maintain useful data. This involves steps like adding, manipulating and deleting records.
  • Ensured easy data entry by segmenting and providing only relevant fields to the users. This way, they aren’t overloaded with extra fields that aren’t their concern.
  • Allowed only one form of data entry into the Salesforce system, which can itself be a considerable boost to provide clean data. For instance, using the entire name rather than abbreviations.
  • Consolidated all duplicate records and created a single, reliable record of every customer, thus forming a trustworthy profile of the client’s customer base.
  • Performed database normalization and other Salesforce data cleaning processes. These methods helped in controlling data duplication by comparing fields.

Business Impact

Completely cleaned the existing data and minimized the possibility of entering dirty data into Salesforce.

Client’s siloed departments now feel comfortable and more secure using Salesforce Sales Cloud data.

  • Consolidated all duplicate records giving them a single, reliable record for each customer
  • The sales team now trusts the data residing in Salesforce, and this attributed an increase in sales 
  • Clean data not only has been valuable from a data standpoint but also streamlined business processes. Salesforce users can now see all the customer interactions at one location.
  • All data now resides in Salesforce, providing better visualization and reporting capabilities that were previously unavailable.

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