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Solunus Managed Services – Multinational Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer

Project Description

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    Solunus Managed Services
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    North America

Solunus Managed Services for high-speed service and accelerated business

Client Challenges

A lot of critical incidents interrupting the client’s business process and affecting service delivery.

Our client, a multinational cleaning equipment manufacturer, established in 1906, started using Salesforce Service Cloud to serve their customer base across different countries. With multiple users located in various regions, it was quite challenging for the client to train the end-users on Salesforce Service Cloud enhancements/implementations. Neither was there a proper definition for an ‘incident,’ nor an incident response plan to follow. As a result, the client suffered;

  • A lot of incidents from different client locations.
  • Gaps in knowledge transfer to end users caused an understanding issue in the basic functionality. 

More than the incidents in themselves, there was no proper knowledge transfer for end-users on the basic functionality of Salesforce Service Cloud enhancements.


Inherently followed the ITIL process for Incident Management and Problem Management.

Solunus identified every single participant in the incident response process to define, develop, and maintain an incident response plan.

  • Followed agile methodology for an incident, problem, and change request and resolved the incidents on a priority basis. Determined the incident’s priority based on its impact on users and the business, and its urgency to be addressed.
  • Set up weekly calls with each country superusers (a superuser is a SPOC who takes complete control over incidents) to keep track of issues and regularly review and resolve all incidents.
  • Bridged the knowledge transfer gaps with ‘Training the trainer’ program where our team trained a set of users on every piece of functionality that was developed on Salesforce Service Cloud. 
  • As a best practice, determined an incident response process, documented the changes and refreshed the sandbox every week.
  • As part of continuous improvements, 
  1. A ‘recurring incidents’ on the same issue were escalated as a ‘problem’ and resolved permanently rather than temporarily. 
  2. Created a knowledge base, for end-users, to log common issues for future reference.
  3. In the case of multiple incidents on a similar enhancement, Solunus proposed a ‘change’ and took the priority for improvement.

Business Impact

Well planned incident response process improved the client’s customer service and accelerated their business.

  • A simple and effective way to log and track incidents, and let the key stakeholders collaborate, accurately document the processes and close the incidents. 
  • The complete incident response process resulted in the occurrence of fewer incidents on functionality-understanding issues.
  • Developed a smooth process for change requests/implementations.
  • Knowledgebase helped users to resolve issues themselves instead of raising an incident.
  • Delivered top service to the end-users so that they get more productive in their jobs.

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