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Harness the power of Lightning to transform your business and benefit everyone, from executives and business users to admins and developers. Are you planning to make a move from Classic to Lightning? With Solunus Lightning Services, get all the features and functionality to build apps faster and boost user productivity.

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  • Evaluate your Org – Salesforce Org Readiness Check
  • Understand current customization
  • Workflows



  • What you get
  • What you miss
  • Training Requirements



Will suggest a budget based on the

  • Complexity
  • Module-wise transition
  • Full transition

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Based on the experiences of customers who’ve already made their move from Classic to Lightning Experience, Salesforce defined a path for this seamless transition. Solunus uses this path, and adds its framework of recommended activities and best practices, for you and your team to have a successful transition.

As we roll out Lightning Experience to your Org, we ensure to follow only those steps that make sense for your company.

Kick start your Lightning transition

  • Understand the benefits and ROI from moving to Lightning.
  • Experience and evaluate your production org’s readiness for Lightning.
  • Plan your Lightning experience rollout
  • Align with the stakeholders on Lightning Experience transition.

Prepare to launch Lightning Experience

  • Prepare your Org and your users for Lightning Experience.
  • Prepare for release development activities
  • Implement Lightning Experience features
  • Adjust Your Existing Customizations
  • Go live by turning on Lightning Experience

Sustain your Lightning Experience

  • Measure the adoption rates of the Lightning Experience Transition.
  • Motivate users to stay in Lightning Experience
  • Execute the rollout plan for more users
  • Add new features and use cases
  • Look for ways to improve the implementation

The Solunus Advantage

Evaluate and identify the right fit

Smooth Transition

Zero data loss

Custom Lightning Development

Time-bound Migration

User Experience Continuity

Time-tested Processes

Post-migration Training