Salesforce Services

Salesforce Services

Salesforce services make it possible to transform how your company operates, centered around your customer’s user experience. Yet it takes a lot more than flipping a switch to realize the potential of these services.

Advisory Services

Assess your business goals to determine whether or not you require services. Assess the maturity and readiness levels of your current IT infrastructure and resources.

Strategy Services

Develop a tangible strategy and roadmap for your technology goals. Ensure overall readiness as you prepare for organizational transformation.

Implementation Services

Embark on a transparent, collaborative and iterative deployment that ensures a successful implementation of your roadmap. We have deep experience in complex, highly customized, global rollouts and we utilize time-tested methodologies and implementation frameworks.

Integration Services

Select the right integration approach that would deliver desired results with minimum time and resources. Seamlessly integrate your Salesforce instance with your internal systems, external applications and other cloud and Salesforce instances.

Testing Services

Exhaustive suite of functional, unit, load and security testing services for your deployments. Both manual and automated testing services offered.

Support and Maintenance Services

Ensure seamless and on-going application, data, user and security management.

Custom Application Development Services

Develop innovation customer facing applications using Salesforce1 Platform-as-a-Service infrastructure. Build seamless and intuitive mobile and social experiences.

Migration Services

Clean, quick and efficient data migration from legacy CRM systems to

Classic to Lightning Transformation

Switch on to the latest Salesforce innovation, Lightning. This game-changer connects you to your customers faster than ever. Our experts will help you assess the features and gaps within your current Salesforce organization and develop a roadmap to adopt Lightning.

Salesforce technology is ever-evolving, your implementations, customizations, and integrations must evolve to adapt to ever-changing business requirements. You always have to find fresh ways to connect with your customers because when you blink, they’re gone. Hence you can’t risk deterring your focus from your customers.

As a Salesforce Partner, Solunus offers best-in-class Salesforce Services to help you with all your Salesforce needs, and drive immense value from previously untapped areas of your business.


  • ‘Net new’ implementation of Salesforce Cloud solutions
  • Transition from legacy CRM to Salesforce


  • Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing and Wave Analytics implementations
  • Platform application development
  • Siebel to Salesforce projects


  • Solution and technical reviews of application design and implementation
  • Redesign of existing Salesforce implementation to account for new out-of-the-box functionality


  • Health check assessments
  • Salesforce to Lightning Readiness
  • Post-implementation adoption programs


  • Implementation of new modules or App Exchange products
  • Build-out of custom module/app to augment Salesforce functionality


  • Implementing CPQ or Sales Commission Management
  • Customer/partner/employee communities
  • Mobile apps extending current implementations

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“Certified Salesforce consultants cost anywhere between $100,000 to $125,000 per year. With Salesforce continuously evolving, it’s difficult for consultants to become experts in all of its solutions /services. Considering these facts, an organization needs to look at various factors before hiring Salesforce consultants. Solunus Salesforce Services can meet all your Salesforce requirements while giving you the flexibility to pay for exactly what you need. ”

-Sudhakar Pennam, Founder & CEO, Solunus Inc